Bid Writing

It’s a specialised skill, and it’s not what most of your people signed up for. Unless you have your own bid writers on staff, you’re getting it done in off-hours. Think of the opportunity cost and you’ll think twice about doing it in-house. Our specialists love producing great bid documents. It’s in their DNA to deliver coherent, cogent arguments that sell your key attributes, making the most of your strengths and neutralising your weaknesses. They’re great at identifying the things that differentiate you from the competition and make a difference to your client.


Bid Strategy

Your evaluation scores are critical, so maximising your scores at evaluation time means doing the right things right from the start and that means getting your bid strategy right. We will workshop your bid strategy with you, so you know where you’re going to meet your client’s needs, and more, and how you’re going to get there. You will know who you need on board and the key and compelling messages you want to get across. Importantly you will have a coherent argument that the whole team can get behind and deliver across every aspect of your bid submission to ensure that you secure the opportunity.


Bid Management

To get the bid in the box before deadline takes specialist skills and hard work. It requires advanced people skills, dedication and dogged bloody-mindedness. You need someone with time to focus on bringing together all the right people from your organisation and getting them on the same page and someone with the personal power to drive staff and suppliers to deliver to deadlines despite all the other pressures of their jobs. Staff are often too close to the business: they won't get the results you need or make the progress necessary to get the best bid possible delivered on time. Having an external party like a professional bid manager drives the bid process to make things happen to focus on the initiatives, innovation and compelling service offering.


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