Non-Price Attributes - Bid Management & Writing

Accentuating positives, neutralising negatives. You can win more business through the tender box and keep more of the business you have already with compelling, innovative and well documented submissions that grab evaluators' attention, answer their questions and give them more than they expected. Do this and you will come out more than just a step ahead of the competition as contestable business is decided using price / quality evaluation criteria.


We can help you put more on your bottom line with a powerful bid that maximises your non price attribute score. Our experienced bid managers and writers can help you score higher and win more business. They know what works. They can help you forge a bid team and extract the maximum value from your business. They will capture your proposition in a compelling, coherent document that addressess your client's needs, solves your client's problems and offers a pathway to help them achieve their goals. 


We know how your SMEs think, we get under the skin of your organisation and discover the capabilities you never knew you had. We are inquisitive and purposely skilled at challenge, eliciting the information needed so the offer you present is as creative as it is robust.


Review and Action Plan

Let us review one or two of your recent tender submissions. We will produce a detailed review of your documents with clear ways you can improve. Straight away, you will have an action plan to help you do better at the tender box. Your next step could be to apply the learnings from the action plan yourself, or, you might get us to review the new document against the model prior to submission. Or you could get our bid specialists involved to manage, write and deliver your next winning tender.


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