Contract Labour

We are able to supply candidates across the entire construction and manufacturing industries including civil infrastructure and earthworks, carpenters, plasterers, painters, bricklayers, welders, boat builders, cabinet makers, truck drivers and heavy equipment mechanics and operators. CSL provides contract labour via the UK and Philippines, that are employed by our contracting entity in NZ with all relevant documentation and contracted to our clients at a competitive industry rate.

We take ownership of all aspects of recruiting Construction staff including:


  1. Recruitment

  2. Interviewing and selection

  3. Candidate Skill Assessment

  4. Conferencing facility for remote client interviews or office space for face to face client interviews.

  5. Visa Application for NZ Immigration

  6. POEA Application from accredited Philippine-based Agency. (This is a requirement for Filipinos to work internationally)

  7. Flights to NZ

  8. Accommodation (We offer short term accommodation, allowing them time to arrange longer-term accommodation) including providing a Phillopino Chef to prepare their dietary & preferred meals

  9. All other aspects to ensure that the process of you employing staff from the Philippines is simplified.


Simply advise us what resources you require over the short to long term and we will present a proposal that will include price, availability and timing. 


Contract Labour with Consultancy Solutions

We arrange the whole process on your behalf. Contract labours can be employed by our Contracting Entity and contracted to you on an agreed hourly rate and term.


Identifying potential employees: What we do.

  • Search for appropriate applicants based on your requirements that are sourced from our UK based recruitment office.

  • Our UK recruitment Consultancy specialises in search and selection for a client's specific requirements.

  • Undertake assessments of applicants which may include.

  • Organise face-to-face Skype/video interview and assessment of applicants by you from the UK, as required

  • Send New Zealand employment contracts, signed by you, to applicants to counter-sign and return to you


Assisting applicants whom you have selected to contract


As part of the contract agreement we will undertake the following;

  • engage with our recruitment and assessment partners in the Philippines to pre-screen, assess, recruit and process the Applicants for you;

  • in respect of each Successful Applicant, we will:

  • apply for the required New Zealand work visa using our Licensed Immigration Advisers, and obtain all related paperwork if successful; 

  • apply for an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) from the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) as may be required;

  • apply for and obtain the Overseas Employment Certificate for applicants from the POEA as may be required;

  • pay all OEWA Membership (Overseas Employee Welfare Administration) fees;

  • arrange appropriate travel insurance;

  • arrange Pag-ibig and PhilHealth contributions as may be required;

  • arrange the one-way airfare to New Zealand from Manila;

  • Organise the airport drop off in Manila; and

  • Organise the airport pick up in New Zealand and delivery to your designated address (as may be required in the relevant SRO)

  • organise participation in induction into New Zealand and participation in cultural assimilation course, NZ bank account IRD registration and NZ drivers licence.

  • arrange initial transport to work as required, Ministry of Justice and ACC history checks (if required) and drug tests if required by the Client.

  • undertake further assessment of certain Applicants as selected by you, which may include setting an English test, arranging a video interview, or performing specific tests.


Our responsibilities

  • We will be responsible for any contractor if the employee is unwilling to work to a satisfactory standard or has been found to have submitted spurious or false documents. In these cases, we will replace the employee at no cost to you.

  • We will be responsible for finding accommodation and delivering pastoral care for the first six months of the employee’s employment.

  • After six months the employee will be encouraged to live independently. During this first six months, the employee is bound by a rental agreement.

  • Our contracting business pays all Wages, ACC, PAYE, Holiday pay, Statutory Holiday Pay, Sick Pay and Employer Kiwisaver Contributions.

  • Billing is enabled weekly by our contracting business entity.


Your responsibilities

  • You will use all possible efforts to support the welfare and protect the rights of the contractors hired under this Agreement with the best possible treatment already extended to other employees at your worksite.

  • You will be responsible for organizing Site Safe training, providing appropriate personal protective clothing, tools, drugs tests, working at height certificates and any other relevant courses relevant to the employee’s work.

  • You will deduct from the employee’s pay their rent as advised by the employee.


Simply advise us what resources you require over the short to long term and we will present a proposal that will include price, availability, and timing. 


Why The Philippines?

  • It is culturally much more compatible with the West.  

  • Has the 3rd largest English speaking population in the world

  • It has an American Westernised culture and a 90% Christian population that is very family oriented.  Employees are very loyal, honest, and hard working.

  • 30 million skilled workers, all English speaking, well educated and with 500,000 new university graduates being added every year

  • Experienced with US multinationals, Australian & NZ companies.  Employees often have years more experience and more highly developed skills than can be sourced locally

  • Time zone is only 4-5 hours behind New Zealand


Where is our Operation Centre?


Our contracting business has offices in Makati District of Manila, Philippines. This is the main business district.


Employee Settlement Services 


Settlement services are a pivotal element in the ongoing success of your international employment relationships. Our managed services are uniquely tailored to deliver the best long term outcomes for your business and contractors.

Managed Employee Settlement Services

  • Regional combined accommodation and associated services

  • On-site village accommodation and associated services

  • Standalone accommodation


Meet and Greet

  • Airport to accommodation

  • Accommodation briefing

  • Documentation

  • Workplace overview - where, when, how


Orientation Tour

  • Local tour

  • Workplace identification

  • Public Transport

  • Shopping and services (medical, etc.)


Employee Personal Support Package

  • IRD Number

  • Bank Account

  • Living Advance

  • Transport

  • Basic Tools


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