Information Technology Services

Our team have the ability to work with you to complete detailed IS reviews and structure your IS SLA's,  improve processes and deliver continuous business improvements. Our team have completed large-scale infrastructure System Integrations and provide IT Project Management service within small businesses and large enterprises with a matrix organisation, able to handle a variety of projects ranged from NZD 10K to millions of NZD.


We provide our clients with insights and work with their Information Technology Team to adhere to management expectations which includes ....


  • Costing and developing key business cases to give management a defined IS programme and develop business rules

  • Developing Mobile-banking applications to facilitate credit management for clients through their smartphones

  • Developing various web applications to support and enhance business requirements

  • Developing software to automatically manage & transmit email communications internally & externally for involved parties

  • Resource management, setup and managed projects teams

  • Selecting resources (internal resources, contractors, outsourcing service companies)

  • Negotiating costs, resources and milestones with contractors, setup and managing project teams, coordinating other teams from different departments and/or companies, setup capacity planning, providing guidance, motivating project delivery teams

  • Providing all client required project documents (scope, budget, schedule, organisation, benefit, testing strategy, changes and risks)

  • Setup risk plans to identify, monitor and reduce risks on the business and to solve issues.

  • Benefits realisation and their integration into the operational business and future planning

  • Negotiated costs, resources and milestones with contractors, sub-contractors and vendors



Please contact us to enquire how we can assist your organisational Information Technology needs