Executive Consultants

Our experienced executive consultants focus on your specific requirements. We provide the rigour, challenge and framework around business planning & service delivery. We undertake impartial, independent reviews. These will ensure you have the tools to support sustainable growth and effect business improvements and achieve the benefits realisation.


Executive Coaching - Improving Skills

Our consultants will work with you to determine your specific business needs and take you through a wide variety of supportive behavioural coaching techniques and methods to assist you achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve his or her professional performance and personal satisfaction and consequently to improve the effectiveness of the client’s organisation within a formally defined coaching agreement.


The Directors of Consultancy Solutions are experienced Executives with backgrounds in global organisations, medium-sized organisations and start up organisations.  We have the capability to understand your differing needs, managing work commitments with family commitments, health commitments & challenges, financial commitments and more. We promote self-reflection and work with you to develop specific plans that suits your personal success needs, focused on you achieving your desired outcome(s). 


CSL works with clients on a variety of engagements for our private clients which includes :-

  •     Executive Resume/CV production aligned to their targeted role

  •     Interview preparation and confidence in promoting yourself, being informative and directly answering specific questions (avoiding the difficulties in       self-promotion and going off-track during interviews)

  •     Focusing on core strengths and personal attributes

  •     Struggling to compete and win at an interview

  •     Long term Career Planning and company targeting

  •     Development on personal networks and introductions

  •     Workshop participation

  •     Creative (& expressive) thinking


CSL works with clients on a variety of transformation topics affecting Organisations which includes:-

  •     Executive Direction

  •     Executive & Leadership Strategic workshops

  •     Management workshops

  •     Team Building exercises


We work with you, whether an individual or an Organisation to achieve your desired outcomes, which we will have agreed with you. We will help you define a pathway and clarify your future goals and direction, work on an achievable plan, push you out of your comfort zone, and support you through the process. We will motivate you and give you confidence so that you are able to engage with people, developing meaningful dialogues and have deliverable win strategies. CSL always operates in complete confidence.


Contact us here and we can provide you with the executive consultant to assist you with your business objectives.