CSL Is Your One Stop Solutions Partner

  • We engage to understand your strategy & expected business outcomes/needs

  • We provide your one-stop solution, aligned to your preferred outcome

  • We can provide you with the capacity and resources required to achieve your outcome

  • We are innovative and can provide you with the lean techniques to help increase your business agility, lower costs and reduce complexities

  • We can develop and implement the strategies to help your business survive, thrive and become a market leader in your sector

  • We can solve your problems, identify opportunities, introduce emerging technologies, we look at your customer data to understand how they behave and create elegant solutions that ultimately result in tangible commercial benefits to your business

  • We can implement the tools that give you invaluable insights into trends, forecasts and your client needs

  • Our solution will free you up to focus on your day-to-day along with critical business needs

  • Our skilled team gives you the confidence to enable real insightful Business Transformation

  • We work with you, so you can focus on your priorities and key outcomes


We offer professional services to the New Zealand market in multiple areas to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service:


Please explore our services we can offer you:


CSL can provide you with all type of resources including "C level" Executives, General Managers, Financial & Administrative Staff, Operational Managers by the hour to assist with your every business need. We are flexible and give you what you need, only when you need it. It gives you peace of mind and a focused outcome. We are able to provide you with the resources you need to keep the business running, including covering for leave, sickness, transfers and to contribute to teams to meet client expectations.

CSL work with private individuals and Organisations Executives and senior management, to engage and develop their skills, giving them the tools to thrive in their role, to lead and manage staff (with a focus on staff retention) and provide operational business excellence.

We help organisations own their future so they prosper. The organisations we work with are faced with multiple challenges of uncertainty, constant change and increasing expectations.

We provide clarity about direction, how to get there and confidence to drive forward.


Our services include:

  • Designing and implementing services, strategies and processes

  • Optimising business performance and assisting your business to manage constant change

  • Defining and delivering specific projects

  • Doing the above in ways that create value while balancing speed, cost and risk/uncertainty.


We provide organisational change programmes designed to achieve sustainable long-term benefits. Utilising best practice methods and principles, we are able to deliver an improvement programme to suit your specific business needs.


  • A true Lean transformation focused on long-term change. Training is delivered at two levels within the organisation, the Leadership and shop floor. The focus is on learning by doing and knowledge transfer. The intention is that you should be able to lead your own Lean journey. The company learns the foundation tools of 5s, Value Stream Mapping, Root Cause Analysis, Visual Management and Lean Measurement.

  • Implementing Lean through the development of staff. Working closely with staff to identify and implement improvements and developing long-term engagement.

  • Short terms commissions, focusing on solving an organisation’s specific issue using Lean tools and techniques. By taking people on the problem-solving journey, issues are quickly resolved and solutions implemented.

  • Coaching and mentoring of clients is a key strength of CSL. Every company needs support and direction to answer the difficult questions.

CSL can add value to your business and its long-term vision or plan. We can provide Governance expertise that incorporates the stewardship aspects of an organisation, including factors such as managing business risk, compliance etc; including the development and implementation of a long-term vision, including defining and implementing changes, down to creating a business case for a project or programme. This includes establishing the frameworks and best practice governance of Alliances and Joint Ventures.

Risk Management

We have the ability to work with you to complete detailed Risk Management Reviews that look to mitigate your business risks and disruption to your business operation. Our team completes risk profiling and investigative exercises that review those elements of your business that pose you risk and implement actions that mitigate these.​ We can work with your team to compile a list of risks you could potentially face.  This could include drafting detailed business interruption plans and working with your insurers to give you the confidence that you have the right level professional indemnities and insurances to cover these eventualities. It is especially important to consider and factor in;

  • Business Interruption Insurances

  • Public Liability Insurances

  • Professional Indemnity Insurances

Policies & Procedures

Our team are able to review and facilitate workshops to elicit key information removing hurdles, eliminate inefficiencies and documenting effective, efficient and clearly defined enhanced processes. Our expertise includes documentation of Health & Safety Compliance including SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement), Construction Methodologies, Financial & Operational procedures.

Information Technology

CSL have the ability to work with you to complete detailed IS reviews and structure your IS SLA's,  improve processes and deliver continuous business improvements. Our team have completed large scale infrastructure System Integrations and provide IT Project Management service within small businesses and large enterprises within a matrix organisation, able to handle a variety of projects ranged from NZD 10K to millions of NZD.

Occupational Health & Safety

CSL works with you to ensure your people are keeping themselves safe, and your company is compliant at all times.

We can help you put more on your bottom line with a powerful bid that maximises your non price attribute score. Our experienced bid managers and writers can help you score higher and win more business. They know what works. They can help you forge a bid team and extract the maximum value from your business. They will capture your proposition in a compelling, coherent document that addressess your client's needs, solves your client's problems and offers a pathway to help them achieve their goals.