Business Transformation, Lean & Operational Excellence

Our experienced lean consultants lead by Ian Lines has been working with organisations since 2007 will focus on your specific requirements. We provide the organisational change programmes designed to achieve sustainable long-term benefits. Utilising best practice methods and principles CSL are able to deliver an improvement programme to suit your specific business needs.


CSL recognises companies are often under pressure from shareholders to achieve greater business performance, delivering ever more complex customer value, whilst maintaining or increasing stakeholder value. CSL has developed the capability to deliver Improvement programmes throughout New Zealand with experience in sectors such as Farming, Government, Manufacturing & Life Sciences. We have an experienced consultant who works at all levels in the business, from the Leadership Team down, to create business transformation programmes which deliver long lasting results, with greater staff engagement.



Consultancy Solutions builds and delivers you client tailored solutions:


•    A true Lean transformation focused on long-term change. Training is delivered at two levels within the organisation, the Leadership and shop floor. The focus is on learning by doing and knowledge transfer. The intention is to support you to lead your own Lean journey. The company learns the foundation tools of 5s, Value Stream Mapping, Root Cause Analysis, Visual Management and Lean Measurement

•    Implementing Lean through the development of staff. Working closely with staff to identify and implement improvements and developing long term engagement.

•    Short term commissions, focusing on solving an organisation’s specific issue using Lean tools and techniques. By taking people on the problem solving journey, issues are quickly resolved and solutions implemented

•    Coaching and mentoring of clients is a key strength of the Lean approach. Every company needs support and direction to answer the difficult questions


The last three years Ian and our Consultants have achieved significant transformations including:


•    A change programme at Ministry of Justice

•    DEC International-change over reduction from 2.75 hours to 8 mins, a 40% capacity increase

•    St Michel, the bathroom vanity manufacturer achieved a 40% increase in productivity

•    Pacific Aerospace-Lean implementation has increased production from 9 to 24 planes with same staff in a smaller space

•    Perry Resources-Reduced truck turnaround time by half increasing loads per day by 8%

•    Perry Resources-increase in plant throughput from 120tonnes to 150tonnes per hour

•    NuFarm achieved a reduction in stock from $6.5 million to $1.2 million

•    Wallace Corporation-reduction in staff from 12 to 8 in one area, allowing four staff to be reallocated

•    Howard Wright Beds increased throughput from 7 to 11 per day



Companies of all sizes that have benefited from Ian's Lean Approach:



DEC International                                                     Lean Transformation

McCarthy Engineering                                             Lean Transformation

Simcro                                                                      Lean Transformation

Ministry of Justice                                                    Lean Transformation

Inland Revenue                                                     Value Stream Mapping

Human Rights Commission                                      Value Stream Mapping

ANZCO                                                                     Lean Transformation

Deosan                                                                     Lean Transformation

St Michel                                                                   Lean Transformation

Waikato District Council                                            Value Stream Mapping

 Daikin                                                                5s Workplace Organisation

INEX                                                                5s Workplace Organisation

Tauranga District Council                                         Value Stream Mapping

Grow Wellington (6 companies)                                 Lean Transformation

Flightline Aviation                                             5s Workplace Organisation

Tetra Pak                                                                     Lean Transformation

Perry Resources ( 6 quarries)                                     Lean Transformation

Perry Metal Protection (6 sites)                                   Lead Transformation

Wallace Corporation                                                    Lean Transformation

Synlait Farms                                                               Lean Transformation

Interno                                                                         Lean Transformation

Counties Manukau Mental Health Services                Lean Transformation

Giltrap Engineering                                                     Lean Transformation

Lockwood Homes                                                       Lean Transformation

Bay of Plenty District Health Board                             Lean Transformation

Industrial Tube Manufacturing                                    Lean Transformation

Dairy Goat Cooperative                                              Lean Transformation

Apata Kiwifruit (3 sites)                                               Lean Transformation

AucklandPlus (10 companies)                                    Lean Transformation

Proform Plastics                                                          Lean Transformation

Accord Precision Engineering                                    Lean Transformation

Oceania Aviation (2 sites)                                           Lean Transformation

Hill Laboratories (4 sites)                                            Lean Transformation

Stainless Design Limited                                            Lean Transformation

Pacific Aerospace Limited                                         Lean Transformation



Please click here to review the Case Studies of how Lean Principles were introduced to these businesses:


  1. Synlait Farms

  2. Perry Group

  3. Hill Laboratories

  4. Nu Farm

  5. Pacific Aerospace Limited


Contact us here and we can provide you with the Lean consultant to assist you with your Lean business objectives.


Click here to meet our Lead Lean Specialist: Ian Lines


  • 20 years’ experience working in Lean environments

  • Strategic focus on quality and improvement

  • Experience in manufacturing and service sectors

  • Experience in management of supply chain improvement clusters


Ian is an experienced manager in both the manufacturing and service sectors, large and small. He has a proven track record of delivering improvement projects throughout companies utilising improvement techniques and project management skills. He has worked in Europe in a number of industry sectors including automotive, telecommunications and foundries.  Since moving to New Zealand in 2004 Ian has worked in multiple sectors focused on strategic and process improvement. Ian has experience in the management of supply chain improvement clusters focusing on productivity improvement both strategically and at the process level. He is an experienced project manager and was involved in the design, procurement and establishment of a manufacturing plant in the Middle East. Ian received his formal Lean training from the Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC), part of Cardiff Business School.


Ian's Lean Experience includes:


  • Designer and facilitator of Lean programmes delivering long term sustainable change

  • Expert in Lean tools, including 5s, Value Stream Mapping, Poka Yoke, Root Cause Analysis and 5 Why’s

  • Project management of improvement programs in supply chain clusters

  • Five years as a Business Improvement Manager in a Call Centre Environment

  • Strategic change management at a local body council, guiding the organisation through the change journey

  • A proven track record in identifying and implementing improvements to achieve QCD goals in the manufacturing and service sectors

  • Establishment of a manufacturing facility in the Middle East, including factory design, plant procurement and staff training

  • Quality manager to ISO 9001 standards for a first tier automotive supplier

  • Trained as a Six Sigma Champion by Caterpillar Inc