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Your One Stop Solutions Provider

How We Can Help?


Our Consultancy & Construction Services are available for a range of commitments on a flexible basis. Everything is tailored to your specific business needs - we do not implement generic off-the-shelf packages.


Meet with us to discuss your situation & your needs and how we can assist you achieve your goals.

About Us

Learn more about our approach & commitment to our clients to support their Business Transformation, through Lean & Operational Excellence

The Benefits?

You are passionate about your business and we are passionate about helping businesses grow, sustainably, efficiently and profitably.


  • We engage to understand your strategy & expected business outcomes/needs

  • We provide your one-stop solution, aligned to your preferred outcomes

  • We can provide you with the capacity and resources required to achieve your outcome

  • We can provide you with the latest LEAN techniques to help increase your business agility, lower costs and reduce complexities

  • We can develop and implement the strategies to help your business survive, thrive and become a market leader in your sector and take you to the next level

  • We can implement the tools that give you invaluable insights into trends, forecasts and your client needs

  • Our solutions will free you up to focus on your day-to-day along with your critical business needs

  • Our skilled team gives you the confidence to enable real insightful Business Transformations


Learn more about our services and how we can help your business transformation needs...


Consultancy Solutions builds and delivers client tailored solutions. Our specialist professionals are committed to achieving successful outcomes for our SME clients in a range of New Zealand businesses through a variety of strategic, tactical projects & client challenges to deliver successful performance outcomes. We act as trusted business partners to provide objective and results orientated solutions.


We have a wide variety of skills that enable us to support you by tailoring the right solution to fit your requirements as business partners. We offer a complete service across the entire management lifecycle of a project or process, from project management and operational delivery to business restructures and performance efficiencies and we deliver bespoke project teams for our clients focused on delivering to their exact needs, exceeding expectations. 


We are passionately solution orientated and deliver a "no surprise approach" to our clients that de-risks any project, bid or assignment, working in an open & transparent manner through a customer-driven approach.


Your success is our success.

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